Like to feel good about your shopping experience? Our profits go to assist those in need of a help

After years of running my husbands law firm and tracking trends I realized that approximately 85% of our clients are women.  I was horrified when I realized that about 50% of these women go from a full life and security to nothing overnight!  I started ministering to women through our practice and soon had my day booked with appointments to just talk and minister to our women clients.  

With up to 300 active clients at any given time and 85% of that women...well, needless to say I am busy.  They all need something, sometimes it's time, sometimes it's a haircut, sometimes it's a resume, sometimes it's an outfit for church.  I wanted to create a way that could sustain it's self in order to have the extra funds for the extra things these women (and most of the time children) need. 

Dressing Souls Boutique's profits go to help these women directly.  Since beginning this quest I have been honored to be involved with many shelters, recovery programs and other charity organizations that focus on helping women who are struggling with life.  

Debra Lane